We welcome you at Nomads Hostel, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - the home of travelling people from all over the world. Nomads on the Way to the true home Perpetual journey inside Itself where everyone belongs to everything We try to-get-(t)her(e) to co-create the reality we dream for...






Our house is at the heart of the old town of Veliko Tarnovo - on the beautiful Gurko Street famous for its authentic 19th-century houses. Gurko Street was the main street of Veliko Tarnovo when the town was capital of Bulgaria, and is among the most significant sites in the country where the architectural style from the Bulgarian Renaissance has been preserved. Nomads Hostel itself is a memorial house dating back to the revival period in the Bulgarian history and has been renovated to meet the needs of contemporary life.

Here you can enjoy the panoramic view revealed from our balcony and savour the charm and quiet of the old times. Or you can walk around our beautiful town and explore its many gems, among which is 'Tsarevets' Fortress where Bulgarian rulers used to live. Just 5 minutes away is the city centre where you can dive into the wild nightlife of Veliko Tarnovo, which hosts one of the major universities in Bulgaria.

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